"I’ll see Stana running up and down the lot with some kid and I’ll say, ‘Who is that?’ just assuming it’s one of her relatives. And she’ll say, ‘Oh, this? This is so-and-so’s daughter.’ All the producers bring their kids to the set and they’re all in love with this girl. They’re all, ‘Staaana!’"

Tamala Jones on Stana’s motherly side (x)

this always makes me feel better. She’s so precious

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#kisses on the top of the head are Kate Beckett’s weakness #i mean come on #look at all those smiles


I don’t know how much  t i m e  I have.




This time the pancakes would’ve been a mid-marathon snack.

Stana introducing her mom to her publicist. | requested by: anon (x)

3x04//6x15 - "Oh, you’re in my veins and I cannot get you out." 


Pillow Talk